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10 Reasons Why Capital Shouldn’t Make Or Break Your Startup

By John Williams

Fast Company magazine recently reported that PayPal founder Paul Thiel is giving away $100,000 to twenty-four young men and women to finance startup businesses. The caveat is that these young entrepreneurs have to drop out of college to do it.

This move is indicative of the possibility that the traditional ways of going about making a living through a college education, an entry-level position at a firm, and steady promotion through the ranks is a dead model. Instead of following a proscribed course which may lead nowhere, entrepreneurial leaders such a Thiel are sparking a change in the way we think about success.

Thiel is providing his mentees with capital to make their startups a reality. For most of us, though, the idea of investors or even securing financing may as well go the way of the corporate ladder. For those of us without angel investors, there are still plenty of reasons to move ahead with new ventures, and we are not alone: (more…)

7 Traits You Need if You Want to Be An Entrepreneur

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As the global economy undergoes more changes (and it will continue to do so) even more people will choose to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. Changes to corporate mindsets, downsizing and other upheavals in the “safe” world of formal employment are forcing many to embrace entrepreneurship, and start their own small businesses. Add to those the people with the burning desire to “be their own boss” and you have plenty of new entrants into the wonderful, frightening, exciting and exhausting world of being a business owner.


Can conservative people be entrepreneurs?

I find that the more conservative people are more afraid to fail. They have to research everything before they make a move. They have to have a plan or job ready. They’re afraid that they’ll hit a patch of misfortune and not know what to do. These are the people who like to have ALL their ducks in a row and therefore, will take longer to realize that they can’t have ALL their ducks in a row to be an entrepreneur. They don’t seek the thrill of starting a new business but they do, very much like many others, seek the freedom of not having a boss. Eventually, they are pushed to their limit and sometimes it takes someone like myself to push them to realize how unhappy they are.

I have motivated two close individuals in my life to a new start, my cousin and a best friend. My cousin worked for a fortune 500 tech company as a hardware computer engineer. He worked hard and (more…)